Saturday, February 05, 2011

PROGRESSION OF AGING (where did my baby go?)
OK, you'll have to forgive me if your not as obsessed with my kids as I am, but I looked at Cam tonight and realized he is almost FIVE YEARS OLD!  He's going to be a big brother for the SECOND time.  He's really not my baby anymore and I am being very honest when I say I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE TIME HAS GONE.  Just yesterday I was swaddling him before he went to sleep and today he's writing complete stories with many of the words spelled correctly and the others in very, very good "kid writing."  He's even illustrating each picture of his story beautifully.  I miss my baby and I'm sad to know I can never get that sweet little thing back.  All I can do is pray for him and his future and know that the next five years are going to be as great as the last five.  Enjoy just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I have from the last five years.  Don't worry, I'll be working on Bryce-E's post next!  Now, excuse me while I go get a tissue.






Charissa said...

I can relate. Wasn't 2004 just yesterday? That's when my first baby was born and I can't believe he is in kindergarten already. I always say I wish you could go back for one day and just hold them again. And I tell my kids all the time to stop growing up - my daughter recently told me that the only way for her to stop growing is for her to miss dinner. LOL! Enjoy your memories of your boy! It is such an incredible gift!